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10th International Seminar on Flame Structure

24-29 mai 2020
Hôtel Dupanloup - Orléans (France)

The Seminar aims to provide an international forum bringing together research organizations and industry to discuss the experimental, theoretical and numerical progress made in studying the flame structure of both gaseous and condensed systems, the limits of flammability and aspects related to fire safety. Allowing actors from the world of research and industry of the field of combustion to meet as well as the confrontation of the methodologies employed is likely to favor collaborations and innovation. These days will bring together specialists from different fields and student researchers or recent graduates. The choice of presentations at the conference will reflect a broad range of applications. The Seminar also aims to strengthen international cooperation in the field of combustion.
Discipline scientifique : Milieux fluides et réactifs

Lieu de la conférence
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