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Workshop on Modeling brain signals

9-10 janv. 2020
 - Paris (France)

Alain Destexhe, Gaute Einevoll and Viktor Jirsa are organizing a workshop in Paris on Modeling brain signals. The workshop will be on January 9 and 10, 2020. The goal of the workshop is to review the different approaches to obtain biophysically correct models of brain signals, from different model types such as morphologically- reconstructed models, point neuron models or mean-field and population models. We will consider electric (units, LFP, EcoG, EEG), magnetic, optical (VSD and calcium imaging), up to fMRI signals. The registration is free however mandatory due to a limited number of places. Preliminary list of speakers : Stephanie Jones (Brown University) Nikos Logothetis (Max Planck Institute) Costas Anastassiou (Allen Brain Institute) Frederic Chavane (Aix Marseille University) Lauri Parkkonen (Aalto University) Taylor Newton (EPFL) Alain Destexhe (CNRS and Paris-Saclay University) Gaute Einevoll (Norvegian University of Life Sciences) Viktor Jirsa (Aix Marseille University)
Discipline scientifique : Neurosciences

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