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Perception and attention mechanisms in the primate brain: An integrated, multi-component perspective

26 nov. 2019
 - Paris (France)

The main goal of the Workshop is that of boosting an active and stimulating debate, the exchange of different views and expertise, and a concrete and generative connection between experts in the field to jointly reach a deeper grasp in understanding and modelling attention. A recently funded HBP Partnering Project, the MAC-Brain Project, coordinated by Professor Leonardo Chelazzi, has proposed an innovative and systematic approach to the study of the multiple priority signals that guide attention in the primate brain and, most crucially, of their interaction; in short, MAC-Brain is aimed at developing an integrated theoretical account of attentional control in the human and macaque brain. As proposed by Professor Lars Muckli, who also took the role of internal HBP supervisor for the mentioned PP, and in light of the enormous opportunity for scientific growth that resides in scientific exchanges, MAC-Brain is actively seeking collaborations and interactions, as the most critical and important tool to achieve framing of any foreseen theoretical advancement into the broader perspective of the HBP Flagship. The Workshop is organized in collaboration with Prof. Alain Destexhe and the EITN Team and will bring together scientists who investigate perceptual and attentional processing and decision-making. The possibility of exchanging information and perspectives with these researchers, using complementary methods and experimental approaches, will allow for a comprehensive picture of the neural and cognitive mechanisms underlying attention and for a successful translation of research evidence into a comprehensive computational framework. We hope that the Workshop will set solid grounds for the establishment of research networks linking scientists with complementary state-of-the-art methodologies and common scientific interests, devoted to the study of brain mechanisms underlying cognitive functions. Preliminary list of speakers : Leonardo Chelazzi (Dept. Neuroscience - University of Verona) Elisa Santandrea (Dept. Neuroscience - University of Verona) Emiliano Macaluso (Lyon Neuroscience Research Center) Suliann Ben Hamed (Institut des Sciences Cognitives Marc Jeannerod, Lyon) Nico Boehler (Ghent University – Dept. of Experimental Psychology) Matthew Self (Dept. of Vision & Cognition - Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience) Goebel, Rainer (Cognitive Neuroscience - Maastricht University) Dominik Dold (Heidelberg University) Junji Ito (Dept. Computational and Systems Neuroscience - Forschungszentrum Jülich) Organizers: Lars Muckli (Institute of Neuroscience and Psychology), Elisa Santandrea (University of Verona) & Alain Destexhe (CNRS)
Discipline scientifique : Neurosciences

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