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3rd Mediterranean Forum for PhD Students and Young Researchers

22-24 mars 2021
 - Tunis (Tunisie)

The MEDFORUM is a bi-annual meeting point launched by CIHEAM in 2016 for PhD students and young researchers from the Mediterranean area. The forum aims to foster communication, dialogue and co-publications between the various partner institutions conducting scientific research in the field of rural development in Mediterranean countries. Two previous MEDFORUMs have been organized in 2016 at CIHEAM Montpellier (France) and in 2018 at CIHEAM Bari (Italy). MEDFORUM 2021 will be the first of its kind, exceptionally organized in 2021 under the 7th Farming System Design (FSD) Symposium on 22-24 March 2021 in Tunisia. The objectives of the forum will be incorporated with those set by the FSD under the general theme of climate change and with focus on "Designing Climate Smart Agricultural Systems for a Sustainable Transition in the Agri-food Systems of the Dry Areas".
Discipline scientifique : Système multi-agents - Modélisation et simulation - Environnement et Société - Milieux et Changements globaux - Biodiversité - Agriculture, économie et politique - Sciences et techniques de l'agriculture

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