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Third International Symposium on Materials, Electrochemistry and Environment

17-19 sept. 2020
Liban - Beyrouth (Liban)
The general theme of CIMEE20 “Innovative chemistry for the sustainable environmental remediation” aims to encompass several aspects and to offer many opportunities to explore many issues of current Materials Sciences, Electrochemistry and Environmental analytical chemistry. The main objective of the scientific programme and structure of the Symposium is to provide an interactive forum for exchange of ideas by bringing together and promoting durable and strict relationships among established and young scientists and researchers, technical and professional operators, industry and administrative representatives, policy makers and regulators who operate in the field of Materials Sciences, Electrochemistry, Agri-Geo-Environment and Environmental analytical chemistry.
Discipline scientifique : Chimie - Sciences de l'environnement - Sciences du Vivant

Lieu de la conférence
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