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Sustainable ways to open up data in the humanities

10-13 déc. 2019
Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities - Lisbon (Portugal)

The challenges posed in the data plan, its management, curation, analysis and interpretation imply substantial changes in the way institutions and researchers look at the knowledge they produce, manage and share, with an impact on platforms and tools to support scientific activity. Today we are fully aware of the challenges related to the sharing of research data on open access, mainly in terms of technological infrastructures, funding and evaluation. But the structural deficit on data skills remains strong and limit our potential for innovation, creativity and sustainability. Providing these skills within the social sciences, arts and humanities communities represent an important milestone for the upcoming years. The Summer School is an open space to learn and experiment - ideas, skills, tools, projects and good practices - bringing together PhD students, early-career researchers and science managers. It is an innovative approach, combining individual and institutional perspectives and based on real needs and projects previously identified.
Discipline scientifique : Sciences de l'Homme et Société

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