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Mines and sustainable development

26-27 févr. 2020
University of Tebessa - Tébessa (Algérie)
The current economic strategy of Algeria, in an unstable environment of hydrocarbon prices and environmental challenges, gives priority to the development of the mining sector and renewable energies. The exploitation of the important mineral reserves requires the use of the most productive techniques of mining and mineral processing, while ensuring the stability of the mining works and the safety of the labor force. This process must also respect environmental requirements during the different phases of the mine life cycle, leading to the sustainable development of the mining sector. This event is intended to be a meeting place for the multidisciplinary community of mining engineers and the exchange of knowledge, practices and know-how for scientists from different horizons who are confronted with these common issues. It aims to discuss research from a variety of perspectives.
Discipline scientifique : Environnement et Société - Milieux et Changements globaux - Autre - Géologie appliquée - Matériaux - Autre

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