Surface-Interior Interactions on Small Bodies

16-18 oct. 2013
ESTEC - Noordwijk (Pays-Bas)

When observing solar system small bodies, the only part accessible to remote sensing is their surface. Some additional, but not so frequent, insights are provided by cometary activity and disruption (either due to collisions or splitting): both processes give direct access to the internal material. As of today, we may have many ideas, but not many constraints on the internal structure and composition of small bodies, and very little is known on their evolution since formation. Constraining their primordial properties is however a key step toward understanding the origins of the solar system. The process of explaining the evolution of small objects is very complex, but can be broken down in small steps, each of which can be understood and followed. We therefore aim with this workshop at bringing together experts working on each of theses steps.
Discipline scientifique : Astrophysique

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