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19-22 mai 2020
 - Nantes (France)

A symposium on gut brain matters. When a behavioral neuroscientist sits with a synthetic biologist for breakfast, one can envision a witty probiotic designed to tame our cravings. In Nantes, the table will be served with fine ideas carefully nourished in laboratories around the world. Guts in space, mind bending gut surgery, guts on a chip, and self-medicating chimps are just a few of the topics to be delivered by our carefully curated list of scientists. We have 8 sessions with 30 speakers, and 3 discussion panels culminating in more than 1,800 minutes of solid intellectual fun ! Join us in Gastronauts Nantes 2020 !
Discipline scientifique : Sciences du Vivant - Alimentation et Nutrition - Biotechnologies - Ingénierie biomédicale - Ingénierie des aliments - Hépatologie et Gastroentérologie - Organes des sens - Neurobiologie

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