Workshop NIMS-UR1

27-29 oct. 2013
University of Rennes - Rennes (France)
Encouraged by the success of the 1st NIMS-UR1 workshop (Rennes, May 15-16th, 2011) and the 2nd NIMS-UR1 Workshop (Tsukuba, 29-30th, 2012), the 3rd (NIMS-UR1) workshop will be held at the University of Rennes 1. The challenge displayed for this workshop NIMS-UR1 is threefold. The first is to allow different researchers from both institutions to meet and exchange ideas so as to initiate new collaborations. The second objective is to consolidate existing exchanges between researchers in NIMS and UR1 in the fields of nanomaterials, solid state chemistry, theoretical chemistry and physics. The third goal is that this workshop will also be a place for signing an AGREEMENT ON THE COOPERATIVE GRADUATE PROGRAM BETWEEN UNIVERSITYOF RENNES 1 AND NATIONAL INSTITUTE FOR MATERIALS SCIENCE.
Discipline scientifique : Matériaux

Lieu de la conférence
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