The limits to growth of the smart city. Spaces and energies of digital infrastructures

5-6 juin 2019
École d’architecture de la ville & des territoires 12 av. Blaise Pascal 77420 Champs sur Marne Auditorium - 77420 Champs sur Marne (France)
The spatial and energy footprint of digital infrastructures raises two questions today. How can the environmental impact of digital technical choices be spatialized, evaluated and measured in terms of the expected social added value in the territories? It is next the siting and architecture of digital infrastructures, in particular data centers, that queries us. Centralized or distributed, commercial or collaborative and citizen-oriented, what forms will these physical infrastructures take and how can they be better integrated into urban and rural territories? At the intersection of the history of architecture and urbanism, the environment and technologies, from a critical, possible and plural viewpoint both retrospective and prospective, this colloquium’s ambition is to query the development disciplines (architecture, city, territory) transformed by the electrical-digital condition.
Discipline scientifique : Ordinateur et société - Architecture, aménagement de l'espace - Sciences de l'information et de la communication

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