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BEG ROHU SUMMER SCHOOL 2019 : Glasses, Jamming, and Slow Dynamics

23 juin-7 juil. 2019
 - Saint-Pierre-Quiberon (France)

The aim of the school is twofold: providing for the participants a solid and advanced knowledge of main topics in statistical physics and condensed matter, but also giving rise to interactions between confirmed researchers. Ideally, the outcome of each session will be a boost in the research subjects covered by the lectures both because of the excellent training and of the emergence of fruitful interactions between participants. To this aim, each lecture progressively goes from the basics to the current research edge. Lectures and professors are chosen so that the topic of the session is tackled from different points of view; questions and answers sessions are organized in order to foster interactions between students and lecturers
Discipline scientifique : Physique

Lieu de la conférence
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