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2nd International Workshop on Computational Document Forensics

21 sept. 2019
In conjunction with ICDAR 2019 - Sydney (Australie)

Everywhere around the world, industries and government processes are being more and more digitized. Document management systems and digital safe-boxes are particularly concerned by these questions, since documents generally remain the basis of many decisions for transactions, contracts, communication,... Documents also remain the proofs for many legal issues. As a consequence, it becomes absolutely essential to develop computational forensic science applied to documents and to create the conditions for protecting documents, for confirming their authenticity and for detecting frauds. The Second International Workshop on Computational Document Forensics aims at addressing the theoretical and practical works related to this field and creating a space for discussions between people working on this issues in different areas such as document and speech processing, digital security, biometry, forensic sciences...
Discipline scientifique : Informatique - Vision par ordinateur et reconnaissance de formes - Ordinateur et société - Traitement du texte et du document

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