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/gʁafematik/ 2020 — Grapholinguistics in the 21st Century

17-30 juin 2020
 - Paris (France)

/gʁafematik/ 2020 is the second edition of /grafematik/, a conference bringing together disciplines concerned with writing systems and their representation in written communication. The conference aims to reflect on the current state of research in the area, and on the role that writing and writing systems play in neighboring disciplines like computer science and information technology, communication, typography, psychology, and pedagogy. In particular it aims to study the effect of the growing importance of Unicode with regard to the future of reading and writing in human societies. Reflecting the richness of perspectives on writing systems, /gʁafematik/ is actively interdisciplinary, and welcomes proposals from researchers from the fields of computer science and information technology, linguistics, communication, pedagogy, psychology, history, and the social sciences.
Discipline scientifique : Traitement du texte et du document - Linguistique

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