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International Inauguration Meeting of the Hearing Institute

16-17 sept. 2019
Collège de France - Paris (France)

The Hearing Institute will open in the second semester of 2019. The aim of the institute is to advance knowledge of auditory signal processing from the sensory organ to auditory perception and cognition, multisensory and sensorimotor integration, in healthy and pathological conditions. To do this, the institute brings together teams of scientists from diverse fields, ranging from biophysics, acoustics, molecular and cellular biology, and genetics to neurophysiology and computational neuroscience, all highly committed to interdisciplinary research. The Hearing Institute is associated with a dedicated clinical center, and also aims to develop innovative therapeutic approaches (from engineering solutions to pharmaceutical and biological agents) to hearing and balance disorders. Moreover, with the nearby Vision Institute, the Hearing Institute will form a cutting-edge campus in basic sensory neuroscience and related innovations towards patients, with large collaboration potential to open new avenues in these fields. In line with the ambition of the Institute, the aim of the inauguration meeting is to put fondamental and translational auditory neuroscience in the spotlights in Paris together with important research currently happening in neuroscience.
Discipline scientifique : Neurosciences - Neurobiologie

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