Cross-border workshop on patient specific computational models of bone remodeling and clinical biomechanics of bone

29-30 mai 2019
ENIM, 1 route d'Ars Laquenexy - METZ (France)

We aim bringing together all relevant partners from the University of the Greater Region from biomechanics, engineering and computer science as well as from the medical faculties to present recent challenges in the various fields of mechanical-driven models of bone remodeling and bone mechanical behavior for clinical applications. The Workshop will be an opportunity to plan future multidisciplinary collaborations in the field of bone biomechanics, with the aim to develop a patient-specific modeling strategy based on high resolution imaging techniques, development of dedicated softwares predicting the evolution of bone morphology over time, and the design of suitable treatment protocols.
Discipline scientifique : Biomécanique

Lieu de la conférence
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