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Research School on Statistics and Data Science 2019

24-26 juil. 2019
 - Melbourne (Australie)

The collection and examination data has become widespread in its presence and impact to everyday life. It is therefore important to gain a better understand of data and the ways in which we can interact with data in order to positively effect the world around us. Statistics and data science, as well as allied fields such as artificial intelligence, data mining, econometrics, neural networks, machine learning, and signal processing all strive towards the goals of better analysis, appreciation, and interpretation of data, thus of the modern world. RSSDS2019 is the third of a series of workshop-style gatherings that had previously been held at the University of Caen, as as S4D2018 and SBDS2017. The intention of the gathering is to provide a less-formal setting for academics and students to interact and discuss the many applications and focus areas of data analysis and understanding. The workshop also aims to bring together a diverse audience, from different career paths and stages, from different countries, as well as from different walks of life. To this end, the workshop will involve engaging lectures from an esteemed and distinct group of speakers, as well as poster sessions that showcase the many exciting contributions of the workshop attendants. This year, the research school will be held at the Institute of Advance Studies, at La Trobe University. The event will run all day, on the 24th—26th of July, 2019. Morning and afternoon tea will be served in between sessions on each day, and a social gathering will be hosted on the evening of the first day. A workshop dinner will also be hosted on the evening of the second day. The format of the workshop aims to encourage the maximum amount of social interaction between participants as to lead to the highest levels of collaborations and network building for all attendees.
Discipline scientifique : Algorithme et structure de données - Réseau de neurones - Traitement du signal et de l'image - Probabilités - Statistiques - Informatique - Economies et finances - Méthodes et statistiques

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