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Melville's Measures

17-19 oct. 2019
University of Lille and Paris Diderot University - Lille and Paris (France)

The aim of this conference is to take measure of Melville's grappling with the measureless by surveying the various sets of gauging, computing, measuring instruments designed to circumscribe and contain it. We may wonder whether Melville's works amount to an irregular system of sorts or whether measures are bound to anagrammatically “erase sums.” In what sense do they unsettle and even subvert “the art of measuring” advocated by Newton in his Preface to Principia Mathematica? To what extent are they doomed to be appropriated as canonical criteria by academe? If measures re-assume (yet another anagram) the part once played by a unique lost paradigm, what will result from their multiplication? Or, in Melville's own words, “If Luther's day expand to Darwin's year / Shall that exclude the hope—foreclose the fear?” (Clarel)
Discipline scientifique : Littératures

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