Sea ice in the Earth System: a multidisciplinary perspective

4-6 juin 2019
Institut Universitaire Européen de la Mer (IUEM) - Brest (France)

Sea ice is an essential component of the Earth system through the modulation of the atmospheric circulation, the global ocean overturning circulation, albedo and air-sea gas exchanges. Sea ice has also implications beyond climate change, with large effects on marine biogeochemistry, atmospheric chemistry and the living conditions of unique polar marine ecosystems and indigenous populations. While better satellite and in situ observations, longer and more reliable (paleo-)reconstructions as well as more advanced models have contributed to better understanding the role of sea ice in the Earth system, there are many important questions that are still unanswered, especially about the robustness of sea ice projections and the impacts on related environments. The goal of the workshop is to bring together scientists from the ocean, atmosphere, cryosphere, (paleo-)climate, and marine biogeochemistry communities interested in Arctic and/or Antarctic sea ice and its role in the Earth System to foster collaboration and better structure the community at the national level through discussions of cross-cutting issues. We invite contributions based on in situ observations, paleoclimate reconstructions, present-day reanalyses, numerical models simulating the past, present and future climate, that can contribute to the following general topics: - Sea ice observations (in situ, remote sensing, ship logs, ...) - Sea ice data assimilation and applications to predictions - Representation of sea ice-related processes in Earth System models, high-resolution models and operational systems - Sea ice response to past, current and projected atmospheric and oceanic changes - Sea ice influence on the atmospheric and oceanic circulation - Role of sea ice on marine biogeochemistry, ecosystems, and atmospheric chemistry A specific session will be devoted to discuss existing links or possible future opportunities with international research programs like H2020 EU programs, the MOSAiC observational campaign, the Year of Polar Prediction (YOPP), SCAR, IASC, EU-Polar Net, ARCUS and many others.
Discipline scientifique : Interfaces continentales, environnement - Océan, Atmosphère - Climatologie - Glaciologie - Océanographie

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