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Workshop on Machine-Learning-Assisted Image Formation

10-12 juil. 2019
Université de Nice, Parc Valrose, Bât. Fizeau, Salle Chesneau - Nice (France)

The workshop is an opportunity to identify key problems where a data-driven and machine learning approach can allow overcoming a lack of adequate data and\or physical description in image formation. Conversely, adding (more) physics in learning models can allow significant progresses in challenging tasks such as pattern recognition with co-designed optical systems, feature learning about optical media in adaptive optics, optical design of optimal freeform lenses, color prediction in case of translucent substrates, etc. The present workshop will address the improvement of the performance of optical systems concerned by optimization, prediction or statistical decision. The scope covers explainability, a crucial topic in case of human-like tasks when entrusted to deep artificial neural networks.
Discipline scientifique : Intelligence artificielle - Astrophysique - Optique / photonique

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