Efficient solution of large systems of non-linear PDEs in science

7-9 oct. 2013
Centre Blaise Pascal, École normale supérieure de Lyon - Lyon (France)


Any kind of discretization of PDEs will result in a huge, non-linear system of equations. A whole class of most efficient solution technique for such systems rely on Newton-Krylov (NK) solvers, the iterative use of 2 basic algorithms: the Newton algorithm to find the roots of the non-linear equations and an iterative Krylov method to solve the resulting linear part. Convergence properties of NK methods heavily depend on good preconditioning. – NK methods are used by the entire research community. Our goal is to promote the use of these and related, advanced numerical methods in Lyon and to bridge the gap between numerical mathematics and other exact sciences.
Discipline scientifique : Astrophysique

Lieu de la conférence
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