Internation Symposium on Non Oxide and New Optical Glasses-ISNOG2012

1-5 juil. 2012
The 18th International Symposium on Non-Oxide and New Optical Glasses-ISNOG will be located at “Palais des Congrès, le Grand Large” in the historical heart of St Malo, France. - Saint-Malo (France)

This International Symposium on Non-Oxide and New Optical Glasses, IS(NOG)2 2012, is the 18th of a successful series of meetings, the first of which was held in Cambridge (UK) in 1981, followed by Troy (USA, 1983), Rennes (France, 1985), Monterey (USA, 1987), Shizuoka (Japan, 1988), Clausthal-Zellerfeld (Germany, 1989), Lorne (Victoria, Australia, 1991), Perros-Guirec (France, 1992), Hangzhou (China, 1994), Corning (USA, 1996), Sheffield (UK, 1998), Florianopolis (Brazil, 2000), Pardubice (Czech Republic, 2002), Florida (USA, 2004), Bangalore (India, 2006), Montpellier (France, 2008), and Ningbo (China, 2010). IS(NOG)2 deals with the synthesis, processing, characterization, modeling and physical properties of novel non-oxide, hybrids and optically transparent glasses with high technological impact potential. IS(NOG)2 2012 will provide a great opportunity for chemists, physicists, and device engineers to debate about the state of the art and perspectives, to share their ideas, solutions and issues related to the crucial role played by Non-Oxide and New Optical Glasses in cutting edge technologies.
Discipline scientifique : Chimie

Lieu de la conférence
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