Low-Cost Sensors and Microsystems for Environment Monitoring

20-21 mai 2019
Toulouse center - Toulouse (France)


This workshop is intended to bring together European academic and industrial actors in the field of monitoring and measurement of air and water quality. From the initiative of the European project NanoSen-AQM consortium and the French club CMC2, the main objective of these days is to make a synthesis of the state of the art in the field of sensors (micro and nanotechnologies) for pollutant detection in air and water as well, associated embedded microsystems (autonomous and communicating), both in terms of academic prototypes and commercial products, and finally to have an assessment of the existing measurement campaigns both in terms of urban sites than in rural areas (or green sites). The topics are: -Sensitive materials for sensors -Gas microsensors -Chemical microsensors in liquid phase -Embedded and communicating microsystems -Calibration and cross-sensitivities (selectivity) -Measurement campaigns and current standards
Discipline scientifique : Micro et nanotechnologies/Microélectronique

Lieu de la conférence
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