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Lines in the Large Scale Structure

8-12 juil. 2019
Amphithéâtre Gastaut, Jardin du Pharo - Marseille (France)

While large galaxy spectroscopic surveys are now able to probe efficiently the large-scale structures (LSS) at z<2, it remains too costly to probe large area at higher redshift and especially during the epoch of reionization. The key to understand this early epoch might be to focus on the large-scale emission of the intergalactic medium and the collective emission of galaxy interstellar media. This is the aim of the intensity mapping technique, that uses large-scale emission of various lines to probe the LSS. This technique can apply to a large variety of tracers from the optical (Lyalpha, Halpha, [NII], [OII], [OIII]) to the 21-cm lines, including the [CII] and CO in the millimeter. Having a clear picture of the spatial distribution in the Universe of these emitters in the next decade will provide invaluable constraints to understand galaxy and LSS evolution. As first observational results are emerging and a large number of instruments are being built, a large conference promoting greater interconnectivity between cosmologists, LSS and galaxy evolution scientists, observers, modellers and simulators, data analysis and theory, and project planners is essential to build up an active and efficient community to deal with the challenges of the next decades. In 2019, the 13th Edition of the Marseille Cosmology Conference Series will be coupled with the 4th meeting of the intensity mapping conference series. Through sharing the latest results and fostering new connections the goal of the conference is to prepare the community for the emergence of new massive intensity mapping surveys and facilities for many years to come.
Discipline scientifique : Astrophysique - Cosmologie et astrophysique extra-galactique - Instrumentation et méthodes pour l'astrophysique

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