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33rd International Mammalian Genome Society Conference

25-29 sept. 2019
IGBMC Rue Laurent Fries 67400 ILLKIRCH - ILLKIRCH (France)

The main purpose of the International Mammalian Genome Society is to promote and stimulate research in mammalian genetics from sequencing to functional genomics, mutagenesis and mutant analysis, and to represent the concerns of its members in their professional activities. The company's activities have grown with the growing awareness of the important and unique role of rodent species in biomedical research and current genetics. The vast genetic resources of mice and the identification of binding relationships maintained during the evolution between mice and humans provide important opportunities to understand gene function in relation to human development and disease. The role of the mouse in biomedical and genetic research continues to develop as comparative sequence analysis of human and mouse genomes and large-scale mutagenesis programs are developed. The roles of other mammalian organisms will develop as their genomes are sequenced. This perpetual evolution of mammalian genomics is the main focus of IMGS' annual conferences. The 2 organizers of the 33rd edition are Yann HERAULT (deputy director of the IGBMC, director of PHENOMIN-ICS, Strasbourg and Elected member of the IMGS Secretariat) and Xavier MONTAGUTELLI (head of the Mouse Laboratory, Institut Pasteur, Paris)
Discipline scientifique : Sciences du Vivant

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