Intestinal stem cells: new concepts and methods

21 nov. 2013
CHU Purpan Place Baylac - Toulouse (France)

The last four years have greatly improved our knowledge on intestinal stem cells. Intestinal stem cells support the epithelium renewal and are implicated in pathophysiology of inflammatory-infectious-cancer bowel diseases. Recent data demonstrate different pools of intestinal stem cells with specific properties of survival and proliferation. New technical approaches have been set up for in vivo and in vitro studies on intestinal stem cells. Importantly, informations on the dialogue between intestinal stem cells and their microenvironment and progenitors become available. The teams of Nathalie Vergnolle (CPTP, Toulouse) and of Michel Neunlist (IMAD, Nantes) co-organize a scientific meeting in Toulouse to share recent data on intestinal stem cells with french and international specialists. Discussion will be favoured through the conferences, methodological round-table and posters presentation. This new symposium on intestinal stem cells would greatly benefit to researchers, lecturers and clinicians. Notably, based on intestinal stem cell properties, new technical approaches allowing the long term culture of intestinal tissue and the lineage tracing of cancer initiating cells would be crucial for future therapies. Also, the setting-up of new models is a priority for private companies. This symposium will initiate and reinforce collaborative projects both in fundamental and applied research and will be certainly evaluated through the organization of a next meeting.
Discipline scientifique : Biologie cellulaire

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