SEAC conference 2013 Athens

2-6 sept. 2013
Athens, Greece, SEAC 2013 will take place at the central building of theNational and Kapodistrian University of Athens, central Athens, at PANEPISTIMIOU street - Athens (Grèce)
SEAC (Société Européenne pour l'Astronomie dans la Culture) conferences deal with all aspects of Astronomy in Society. Conference SEAC 2013 has the theme “Astronomy, mother of Civilization and Guide to the Future”. Emphasis will be to reveal the crucial role of astronomy in societies, countries, continents, at all eras. The history of astronomy, archaeoastronomy and astronomy in culture are the main subjects of SEAC 2013. The European Society for Astronomy in Culture is a Professional Association of scientists working in the field of Astronomy in Culture or Anthropological Astronomy, including the interdisciplinary disciplines of Archaeoastronomy and Ethnoastronomy. However, researchers in nearby fields of science like History of Astronomy, Mythology, Spatial Archaeology or Cosmology are also welcomed in the SEAC. Since the dawn of humanity Astronomy is the cardinal socio-anthropological activity that led to the development of Culture, Mathematics, Philosophy and Civilization. Human, ANTHROPOS [ΑΝΘΡΩΠΟΣ] in Greek according to a popular etymology means the one that looks up, sees the sky, and admires the harmony of the celestial sphere with the stars and the planets and develops the will to try to understand and explain the Cosmos [ΚΟΣΜΟΣ means ornament in Greek]. In their effort to understand the Cosmos humans develop logic, causality, and civilization. Philosophy is born. Astronomy strongly refers to the global heritage of all the human civilizations, as a bond and a point of reference between them, while it opens new roads for our globalized society, towards the space exploration, and the gigantic leap of mankind towards leaving its place of birth, our planet Earth, and expanding to new frontiers. Astronomy, as a science, and as the fountain of various technological achievements inspired by the needs of space exploration, opens novel roads towards our common fate, while it always remind us the common bond which exists between cultures and civilizations.
Discipline scientifique : Planète et Univers

Lieu de la conférence
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