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The 17th International conference on liquid and amorphous metals

26-30 août 2019
INSA-Lyon Campus LyonTech-Doua 69122 Villeurbanne - Lyon (France)

Since the 60s the state-of-the-art in the field of liquid and amorphous metals and alloys is the focus of an international conference, the “Liquid and Amorphous Metals conference” (LAM), which is today at its 17th edition. Born as a conference on liquid metals in 1966 at Brookhaven, since 1980 it has been renewed including amorphous metals (1980, Grenoble, France) and then has continued on a three years basis, with the last two editions held in Beijing, China, in 2013, and in Bonn, Germany, in 2016. The LAM conference gathers about 200 scientists from all over the world. International renewed speakers will be invited to present the state of the art in the field, while a large place will be devoted to young researchers and students. For encouraging them to present their work at the conference, we will devote about 30% of the accepted talks to students and young researchers. Although mainly devoted to discuss the hottest topics in liquid and amorphous metals, some non-metallic systems have in the past found their place in the conference, such as semiconductors, quasicrystals, complex systems, with the aim of stimulating discussions and brainstorming. The 17th edition of the LAM will be hosted by the Institut Lumière Matière (ILM), University of Lyon 1, INSA and CNRS in Lyon, from the 26th to the 30th of August 2019, organized by Dr. Valentina Giordano, Dr. Beatrice Ruta and Prof. Anne Tanguy, three young women renowned for their research in the fields covered by the conference. This new edition will be the opportunity for broadening the purposes of the conference series, encouraging the interdisciplinarity among different disordered materials fields. Additional speakers expert on non-metallic materials, such as molecular glasses, polymers and colloids, will be invited for exploring the universality of the observed properties, and stimulating novel discussions and meetings among scientists from different communities. An accent will be given to breakthroughs and advances from cutting-edge large facilities as synchrotron radiation, neutrons and free-electron lasers facilities, for encouraging the community in exploring the potential of these advanced techniques for progressing in the understanding of amorphous materials.
Discipline scientifique : Science des matériaux - Chimie-Physique

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