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2nd International Workshop on Synchronisation in Transport

10-11 sept. 2019
Laboratoire des Sciences du Numérique de Nantes - Nantes (France)

SynchroTrans is a small, focused, single-stream workshop on synchronization in vehicle routing and transport: In classical VRPs, synchronization between vehicles is necessary only with respect to which vehicle visits which customer. However, there are many applications of VRPs having additional synchronization requirements with regard to spatial, temporal, and load aspects. Examples are load transfers between vehicles, trucks pulling detachable trailers, combined routing of vehicles and crews, synchronized operations of service technicians or home health care staff, synchronized routing of snowplows etc. Such types of VRPs have recently attracted more and more interest from the OR community. The first SynchroTrans workshop was held in Mainz in 2013. Since then, sessions on synchronization have been organized at various conference including VeRoLog and the German OR conference. We would now like to organize the second edition of the SynchroTrans workshop. It will be a two-day meeting, informal in character and intended to share the latest research on synchronization applications, models, and algorithmic approaches within the vehicle routing community. Note that SynchroTrans 2019 is by invitation only.
Discipline scientifique : Recherche opérationnelle

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