International Conference on Memory

6-7 juin 2019
Musée des Beaux-Arts de Lyon 20 place des Terreaux - Lyon (France)

Memory is one of the most important cognitive functions in a person's life. It is essential for example to remember personal memories, to read, to play piano and more generally to interact with the world. Determining how humans encode, store and retrieve memories has a long scientific history. Over the past few decades, the study of memory progressed rapidly, especially thanks to the development of techniques allowing the investigation of how processes are initiated in the brain. It has provided an unprecedented in vivo window on mnemonic function in the actively performing human. A recent substantial advance in memory research is that in order to be adaptive memories are not stable but are fundamentally dynamic and reconstructive processes. The abundant number of papers published in this domain shows that understanding memory across lifespan is one of the most important challenges in cognitive neurosciences. This research is essential for Public Health. With population growth and population ageing, memory failures in healthy elderly or in neurological and psychiatric conditions are one of the major societal issues.

The International Conference on Memory will approach the cognitive and neural processes involved in memory with a lifespan perspective: from their construction and development in infants to their functioning in healthy adults and their evolution with normal ageing. Moreover, memory failures will be addressed in both normal and pathological individuals.

The International Conference on Memory is organized by the LabEx CORTEX. Understanding brain function is one of the greatest challenges facing science. This meeting will comfort LabEx CORTEX in its dedication in furthering high level brain research and in linking cognition and higher brain function focusing on the development, structure, and function of brain mechanisms underlying cognition.

Registration will proceed on a first-come, first-served manner with priority given to LabEx CORTEX members.

Discipline scientifique : Neurosciences

Lieu de la conférence
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