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Fluid turbulence Applications in Both Industrial and ENvironmental topics

9-11 juil. 2019
École Centrale Marseille Technopôle de Château Gombert 38 rue Joliot Curie 13451 MARSEILLE CEDEX 13 - Marseille (France)

This symposium finds its source in the research conducted by Fabien ANSELMET, Professor Ecole Centrale Marseille, in the field of turbulence and in the many national and international collaborations he has maintained throughout his career. The preferred themes are: flows with variable density / viscosity, two-phase flows, aeroacoustic interactions, reactive or passive mixture, pollutant transfer in the natural environment, natural risks and their impact on protective structures. The approaches will be theoretical, numerical as well as experimental.
Discipline scientifique : Acoustique - Milieux fluides et réactifs - Génie des procédés - Mécanique des fluides - Thermique

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