Shocks, Reconnection, and Particle Acceleration in Plasma-fluids

20-21 juin 2013
Centre Blaise Pascal - Ecole normale supérieure de Lyon - Lyon (France)

The acceleration of non-thermal particles in large scale flows is of prime importance in astrophysics and beyond, for example in earth science where high-energy cosmic rays likely have a strong influence on climate and weather. However, the mechanism of accelerators embedded in large scale MHD flows in space is barely understood. The computational group of CRAL at ENS-Lyon has started to establish unified models : MHD/plasma-kinetics/radiation. The suggested 2 days workshop shall bring together the French with the European community and strengthen the collaboration between them, specially emphasizing the Rhône-Alpes region.
Discipline scientifique : Astrophysique

Lieu de la conférence
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