European Quantum Technologies Conference in Grenoble

18-22 févr. 2019

EQTC 2019 is the 1st international conference of the European Quantum Flagship. EQTC 2019 for a full coverage of European and International most prominent and recent advances in quantum technologies! Basic science, communication, computing, simulation, sensing areas will each be covered through plenary and parallel sessions, as well as poster sessions. EQTC 2019 will offer you a full update on the European Flagship momentum, strategies and opportunities including reports from and discussions with the Strategic Research Agenda, Innovation, and Education Working Groups of the Quantum Flagship. EQTC is a unique opportunity to meet the European and International academic and industrial quantum technologies communities, and also learn on other issues such as standardization and communication of quantum “magic” towards the general public.
Discipline scientifique : Physique

Lieu de la conférence
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