Edible Soft Matter – a SoftComp Topical Workshop

17 avr.-19 mai 2019
Hôtel Concordia - Le Mans (France)


The objectives of this SoftComp topical workshop is to highlight and formalize the bridges between soft matter and food sciences in order to allow exchange, sharing and widening of know-how between the two communities. Soft Matter and Food Sciences share many common features. Gels, emulsions, foams, suspensions, ... are typical classes of soft materials investigated in Soft Matter. Foods are obvious examples of soft materials with everyday relevance, and it is well accepted that soft condensed matter tools can serve as a valid basis in the understanding and study of their complex behaviors. Those numerical, theoretical and experimental tools cover a broad range of complementary space and time scales for achieving a perfect description of the systems. Furthermore, a common goal of Soft Matter and Food Sciences is the rational design of functional advanced materials. To do so, Soft Matter and Food Sciences develop similar strategies based on the assembly of several building blocks (bio-sourced in food science and possibly synthetic in soft matter) through either thermodynamic principles of self-assembly or out-of-equilibrium kinetically arrested organization. Although differences in terms of language still exist, many soft matter physicists have started to work on food-related topics, highlighting the scientific interest of such multidisciplinary approach.
Discipline scientifique : Alimentation et Nutrition

Lieu de la conférence
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