Researching and Applying Metaphor (RaAM) 2019 specialized seminar

16-17 mai 2019
The seminar will take place in Liège the 16 and 17 May 2019. (University of Liège ( | City Centre Campus, Place du 20 Août, 7, 4000 Liège). - Liège (Belgique)

Metaphor is a central component of human cognition and communication. While metaphors can be studied for their own sake from a linguistic perspective as a process of meaning extension at various levels (be it morphological, lexical or syntactical) or as a rhetorical device use in argumentation, metaphor studies have broadened their scope and touched upon many other scientific domains among cognitive and social sciences. As a result, metaphors find themselves at the intersection of diverse scientific questionings that are relevant to many disciplines, including philosophy, psychology, psycholinguistics, neurology and neurolinguistics, communication studies, political, education, translation studies or health care. This diversity in research themes and disciplines reflects itself in a variety of data and methods. Some of these methods have been used to identify specific metaphorical (or other types of figurative) expressions in spoken and written corpora (MIP(VU), DMIP, HIP) or to see how these metaphors connect to larger patterns of meaning in discourse (Discourse Dynamics Approach to Metaphor, Metaphor-led discourse analysis, metaphor scenarios, Critical Metaphor Analysis). Other experimental methods have been used to explain how (different types of) metaphors are processed (reaction times, reading times, eye-movements) or what their effect can be on representations and behaviours (perception experiments). Beyond these simple, non-exhaustive yet fascinating observations, the aim of this seminar is to highlight the intrinsic interdisciplinary nature of metaphor studies, by questioning their cross-fertilisation potential: what kinds of theoretical and methodological insights can metaphor studies bring to another scientific discipline? Does the contribution of metaphor go beyond the conceptual and linguistic structuration of abstract concepts that are central in these disciplines? Moreover, what can metaphor studies gain from these privileged contacts with these various disciplines, as well theoretically as methodologically? And above all do metaphors really matter in our understanding of social interactions?
Discipline scientifique : Sciences cognitives - Linguistique - Science politique

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