Microfluidics for Synthetic Biology and Health Applications

6-7 déc. 2018
IECB - Bordeaux (France)


Microfluidics provides new means to control, manipulate, and analyze fluid elements at small scales with unprecedented capabilities for miniaturization and automation of biological assays. In this respect, microfluidics is now part of diagnostics and screening strategies providing the ultra-high-throughput required to identify very rare events in large pools of variants, a function of interest in cancer diagnostics or in the therapeutic identification of treatments. From the analysis of cells or biological material to their tailored assembly for specific functions, Synthetic Biology has emerged as a new concept to evolve cells towards fully controllable living microsystems. In a bottom-up approach, synthetic biology now develops towards the full assembly of functional units mimicking living cells. Because microfluidics functions at scales comparable with the typical size of a cell, it becomes a central technology for these new applications aiming at controlling living systems. It is now time to make use of the concepts underlying the functions of living systems to unleash new applications. The aim of this workshop is to present how Microfluidics and Synthetic Biology can be synergistically combined to offer new methods and technologies as diagnostics and screening methods usable for Health applications.
Discipline scientifique : Sciences du Vivant

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