STEREO/WAVES & WIND/WAVES workshop on Solar Radio Emissions

7-11 oct. 2013
Santorini conference center - Santorini (Grèce)

The aim of the workshop is to - review the “state of the art” theories about generation and propagation of Solar radio burst - present and discuss the observational constrains and results provided by the WIND & STEREO missions during the last 20 years - Put the STEREO & WIND observations in the context of other missions such as RHESSI and ground based observatories. - Prepare for the future explorations foreseen with Solar Orbiter and Solar Probe Plus The five sessions that are envisaged are 1. Radio and X-ray diagnostic of the generation of high energetic electrons in the corona 2. Beam plasma interaction and generation of Langmuir waves in the IP medium : latest theories and observations 3. Radio waves generation, propagation and direction-finding : latest theories and observations 4. Dust observed by STEREO & WIND 5. Open session
Discipline scientifique : Astrophysique

Lieu de la conférence
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