Did You Mean Halal ? Islamic Normativities, Globalization and Secularization

7-8 nov. 2013
52 rue du Cardinal Lemoine - Collège de France - Paris (France)


International colloquium organised by Dr. Florence Bergeaud-Blackler, Marie Curie fellow at LAMC/ULB, with the support of IISMM ; Collège de France LAS ; LABEXMed (AliMed). The study of Islamic normative dynamics will be at the heart of this conference that will focus on ‘halal' qualification / disqualification processes in all areas: how and by whom, for whom, for what reasons objects, discourses, practices can or are actually called "halal" or "haram"? What methods, institutions, arguments of Islamic legitimation / de-legitimation are used ? What are the procedures for monitoring compliance with the standard and how and by whom are they developed or institutionalized? The 7 sessions will question the issues of qualification and disqualification through objects, practices, behaviours qualified as halal or haram in areas such as: food, matrimonial relationships , sexualities, finance, tourism etc. We will select in priority contributions in the social sciences and humanities, history and law, philosophy, based on empirical studies, archival research, comparisons and syntheses that take a deconstructive perspective. International colloquium intiated and organised by Dr. Florence Bergeaud-Blackler Marie Curie Fellow IEF du Laboratoire d'Anthropologie des Mondes Contemporains (LAMC-ULB) with the support of Marie Curie IEF, IISMM, LABEXMED, LAS.
Discipline scientifique : Sciences de l'Homme et Société

Lieu de la conférence
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