The many flavors of ‘Effective Connectivity': from neuronal cultures to fMRI

10-11 déc. 2018
EITN - European Institute for Theoretical Neuroscience - 74 rue du Faubourg Saint-Antoine, 75012 Paris - Paris (France)

In a broad sense, much of the scientific endeavor in neuroscience is about deriving from experimental observations, at various spatial and temporal scales, information on the effective connectivity underlying the collective processing of synaptically connected neurons. From the modeling viewpoint, this often takes the form of an ‘inverse problem', so called because - instead of deriving the predictions of a defined model - one tries to infer an explanatory (and hopefully predictive) model from the recorded neural signals. Depending on the experimental context and data source (fMRI, calcium fluorescence imaging, electrophysiology...), partially overlapping scientific communities developed an array of methods, borrowing from multivariate statistics, machine learning, statistical physics and more. We believe time is ripe for attempting a cross-communities dialogue to promote an unified view of the different approaches to the definition and reconstruction of functional connectivities, and possibly a transfer of related methods. This EITN Workshop aims at taking a step in this direction.
Discipline scientifique : Neurosciences

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