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Yielding phenomena in disordered systems

2-5 juil. 2019
Centro Atómico Bariloche - San Carlos de Bariloche (Argentine)

Flow, creep and fracture of amorphous materials under deformation stand nowadays as very active topics in the statistical physics community. Several practical problems borrowed from material science and engineering, as what would make a material ductile or brittle, what will determine its yield strain or rheological response, had lead to the raise of fundamental questions in the statistical mechanics of driven glasses. Is mechanical yielding a dynamical phase transition? How it compares with the depinning of elastic interfaces? To which extent should we expect universality at yielding? When is it better described as first order transition? What about hysteresis and memory effects? Are there fundamental relations between transport properties and geometry in driven amorphous solids? Years of understanding gained on disordered elastic systems, random spin models, deep jammed structural glasses and granular media, come together to attack such questions and many others, using the most varied Stat Mech tools, from Renormalization Group approaches to enhanced Machine Learning techniques, passing through a plethora of coarse grained and mean-field models. The aim of this STATPHYS satellite is to promote exchanges among scientists sustaining these different approaches to yielding and related phenomena, setting up an heterogeneous and relaxed environment for lengthy discussion.
Discipline scientifique : Physique - Systèmes désordonnés et réseaux de neurones - Science des matériaux - Matière Molle - Mécanique statistique

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