The 13th Japanese European Symposium on Composite Materials

4-6 nov. 2013
IRT Jules Verne - Nantes (France)

Recently, weight reductions in many industrial sectors as transportation have been paid much attention from the environmentally-friendly point of view. Application of polymer-matrix composites as structural parts is expected to be one of the key-technologies. However, there are many technical issues which have to be solved for their implementation. If many of them are linked to the choice and the manufacturing of the materials themselves, a more accurate problem is linked to their use as parts of assemblies. A single type material for a given structure is rarely realistic according to the principal stress and the different function of the structure. Moreover in parallel to the demand of a wider application of composites, arises sooner or later the question of their assembly with other materials.
Discipline scientifique : Matériaux et structures en mécanique

Lieu de la conférence
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