High Tech Plasma Processes 13

22-27 juin 2014
Espaces Vanel, Médiathèque José Cabanis, Toulouse, France - Toulouse (France)



The next High-Tech Plasma Processes – 13th European Plasma Conference (HTPP-13) will be held in Toulouse (France) on 22–27 June 2014.

The conference series started in 1990 as a thermal plasma conference and gradually expanded to include other topic fields as well. Now the High-Tech Plasma Processes – European Plasma Conference (HTPP) is a bi-annual international conference based in Europe with topics encompassing the whole area of plasma processing science. This conference is open to all the international community involved in plasma science and plasma technology, and not limited to the European participants. The aim of the conference is to bring different scientific communities together, facilitate the contacts between science, technology and industry and provide a platform for the exploration of both fundamental topics and new applications of plasmas.


Conference topics
1) Thermal plasmas
2) Low pressure and atmospheric non-equilibrium plasmas
3) Non-equilibrium phenomena
4) Plasma spraying and surface treatments
5) Plasma deposition and treatment of polymers
6) Plasma cutting and welding
7) Plasma electrodes interaction
8) Plasma medicine and biomedical applications
9) Light generation and radiation transport
10) Plasma synthesis (nanomaterials, fullerenes, polymers, ultrafine powders)
11) Plasmas and liquids
12) Material treatment and metallurgy
13) Plasma processing for microelectronics and micromechanics
14) Aeronautical and space industry
15) Plasma aided combustion
16) Environmental applications (waste abatment, VOC conversion, DeSOx, DeNOx, ...)
17) Plasmas for energy (fuel cells, solar cells, ...)
18) Other
Discipline scientifique : Plasmas

Lieu de la conférence
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