Advances in Water Quality Modelling (Numerical Methods & QUAL2K Hands-On)

6-8 déc. 2018
 - Varanasi (Inde)
The course is intended to provide the fundamental concepts and principles of modelling processes. It will give insight details about the surface water and groundwater interaction modelling along with modelling of parameters affecting the quality aspect such as reaction kinetics, mixed versus nonmixed systems, and other possible contaminants and indicators. State-of-art in water quality modelling will be presented. The course will provide understanding about different mechanisms of urban pollutants transport to large river systems, such as Ganga. Detailed knowledge will be given about the use of GIS and Remote Sensing techniques in surface and groundwater modelling. Hands-on tutorials will be performed for surface water quality modelling.
Discipline scientifique : Environnement et Société - Hydrologie

Lieu de la conférence
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