Flexibility of brain functions enlighted by genetics (la génétique et l'épigénétique du cerveau... rien que pour vous!)

17 mai 2018
Amphithéâtre Margaux Hemingway, Institut des Epilepsie IDEE, 59 Bd Pinel, 69500 BRON - BRON (France)


Genetics is a constantly and rapidly evolving scientific field with strong ethical and technical components. In our genes, locate a still growing number of causes of diseases which also shade light on normal characteristics of living organisms. Possibly most of the answers but not all of the answers are contained in our genome! The epigenome, i.e. proteins surrounding the DNA molecule and triggering gene expression begins to reveal key information relevant to the understanding of most subjects in the field of neuroscience. Epigenetic marks may result from various environmental factors and can for example modify our behavior or cognition. These marks are possibly reversible and can be transmitted to the offspring. This symposium aims at introducing you to the field of genetics and epigenetics and at providing a new view angle of Neuroscience research.
Discipline scientifique : Neurosciences

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