International Congress of Applied Modeling, Optimization and Planning

18-19 avr. 2019
ENSA Kénitra - Kénitra (Maroc)

The ICAMOP'2019 congress is a place of exchange between researchers, professors and industrialists active in the field of applied modeling, optimization and planning. The aim is to promote theoretical and / or methodological results but also to allow presentations describing practical cases. The objectives of ICAMOP'2019 are multiple: Take stock of recent advances in modeling, simulation and planning of projects, technologies and techniques. Bring together researchers and experts to share and pool their experiences and thoughts on the development of themes set by the organizing committee. Present recent research related to these themes. Develop models and decision support methods for a broad class of operations management issues. Discuss some current topics: Innovation in modeling, simulation and optimization of systems, process design, etc. This scientific event will bring together speakers and speakers from different countries: scientists, economic actors and institutional actors will present and exchange their work around different themes to address innovation and optimization.
Discipline scientifique : Intelligence artificielle - Arithmétique des ordinateurs - Architecture - Automatique - Complexité - Vision par ordinateur et reconnaissance de formes - Ordinateur et société

Lieu de la conférence
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