Cancer Associated Fibroblasts and Epithelial Cells: Dangerous Liaisons

19 avr. 2013
Université Paul Sabatier Campus - Toulouse (France)

Symposium organized by the Scientific Animation committee of the Cancer Research Center of Toulouse. In tumors, cancer cells are immersed in a complex microenvironment network comprising numerous cells. One of the key cellular components in the microsystem of the reactive stroma is the myofibroblast or carcinoma associated fibroblasts (CAFs). CAFs are involved in matrix remodelling and formation of tracks for cancer cells promoting their motility and aggressiveness. However, whereas the role of tumor-stroma crosstalks in carcinoma development and progression are increasingly documented, how “normal” resident fibroblasts or circulating mesenchymal stem cells are converted into pro-invasive CAFs and how CAFs modulate this dialogue remains an open question. Malignant cells themselves promote carcinogenesis through cytokines and growth factors secretion that influence stroma cells behaviour, which in return influence carcinoma cells invasion and malignancy. Uncovering signaling pathways and molecules that govern stromal fibroblasts and carcinoma cells crosstalk during invasion could lead to the identification of therapeutic target for aggressive and metastatic cancer. This symposium aims to gather young French PI interested in understanding how CAFs participate to tumor process and give them the opportunity to discuss their projects with international experts of the field.
Discipline scientifique : Cancer

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