Pre-Cenozoic Climates International Workshop

17-19 juin 2013
Salle Osète, Espace Duranti, 6 avenue du Lieutenant Colonel Pélissier - Toulouse (France)

This workshop aims at exploring climate reconstructions and processes throughout the pre-Cenozoic time. In the recent years, the number of available data has grown exponentially, including paleontological, sedimentological, isotopic, and geochemical data. Two questions arise: (1) is there a unified picture of the pre-Cenozoic climates and environmental evolution emerging from this large amount of data, and (2) how can we promote dialogue between numerical models, which deliver large amounts of climatic and environmental parameters, and geological observations? The workshop offers data- and model-workers an opportunity to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the geological proxies and numerical models, to share their vision about the reconstruction of pre-Cenozoic climates.
Discipline scientifique : Climatologie

Lieu de la conférence
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