8th International Conference on Swimming Pool and Spa

18-22 mars 2019
City Center - Marseille Provence 2 rue Henri Barbusse 13001 Marseille - Marseille (France)


The previous International Conferences on Swimming Pool and Spa showed the great interest in health and, air and water quality subjects related to microbiological and chemical risks, regulation guidelines, monitoring and management. The first of these biennial conferences was held in Budapest in 2005, followed by Munich in 2007, London in 2009, Porto in 2011, Roma in 2013, Amsterdam in 2015 and Kos in 2017. We are now planning the Eighth International Conference Swimming Pool and Spa, to be held in Marseille, France, in 2019. This conference will bring together academics, doctors, sport facilities managers, policy makers, equipment manufacturers, engineers and other professionals, who make research, design, management, regulations and operate and control pools and spa. It is expected that research in occupational health will have an important role in the conference. CONFERENCE TOPICS -> Health benefits of swimming ; -> Education/behaviour; -> Microbiological risks; -> Chemical risks; -> Removal of contaminants (in air and water); -> Modelling and simulation; -> Pool design and management; -> On-line and off-line measurement of air and water quality; -> Guidelines and regulations; -> Safety and emerging topics; -> Biological swimming pools/ponds -> Thermal and seawater pools/therapeutic pools; -> Private whirlpools, water playgrounds, water-theme parks
Discipline scientifique : Chimie analytique - Environnement et Société - Microbiologie et Parasitologie - Santé publique et épidémiologie - Toxicologie - Génie des procédés

Lieu de la conférence
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