EuroSakai 2013, the Sakai European Conference

28-30 janv. 2013
UPMC-Sorbonne Universités - Paris (France)
The conference is organized by UPMC and ESUP, the French consortium in charge of deploying uPortal in the French universities. It will be followed, January 31st, by the annual ESUP days to be held on the premises of the university Paris-Descartes, 900 m only form the Sakai meeting and we expect a common audience. It is open to any university and organization that are using or is interested into the Sakai solutions CLE and OAE but also to the people interested in the joint venture Sakai-JASIG. Sakai CLE is being used at UPMC since 2007 with a great success, nowadays in conjunction with uPortal 4 and we strongly support this common open source venture.
Discipline scientifique : Sciences cognitives

Lieu de la conférence
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