Workshop on Fan Ye's History of the Later Han

13 sept. 2017
Collège de France (organisme co-organisateur) - Paris (France)

Fan Ye's History of the Later Han (Hou Han shu) is generally considered as the “third great history,” which, at the same level as the Grand Scribe's Records (Shiji) and the History of the Former Han (Han shu), laid the foundation of Chinese historiography. Despite of its importance, it received much less academic attention. The aim of this international workshop is, through complementary perspectives on the History of the Later Han, to better understand the historiographical method, the ideas and the ambition of Fan Ye when composing his new history, which was largely built on existing works while also presenting many innovations. Hence, we will consider the History of the Later Han mainly as a piece of writing with its specific range and issues.
Discipline scientifique : Etudes classiques - Histoire - Littératures

Lieu de la conférence
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